English Writing, Speaking, and Communication

Duration: 2-3 hours

Level: Basic

Points awarded: 10

Course Description:

The ability to communicate effectively is a vital skill for any member of a heathen clergy. Your ability to clearly and quickly communicate a lesson or idea can have it taken more seriously, reduce frustration in yourself and the people listening to you, and increase your ability to inspire and influence the members of your kindred or organization. Being able to choose the right tone and inflection in different moments can give you the ability to put people at ease, excite them, inspire them, or just keep their attention. These are valuable skills.

With this course, we hope to equip you with skills that will make you a better communicator so that you might better serve the greater heathen community, in general, and convey the lessons of the faith clearly and accurately. In this course, we will compare a variety of writing styles including creative writing and journalism. It will emphasize the importance of assessing the audience to determine the best style and approach for a variety of situations. Whether it be in proposing a new idea to your membership, leading a ritual, or describing heathenry to members of the media, by the end of this course you should be better equipped to communicate effectively.


Having successfully completed this course, learners should have the ability to list techniques helpful in analyzing the English language; identify a variety of writing styles; more successfully give a presentation to an audience; understand how journalists present information; and how to plan your writing in a step by step process.