In this module:

  • Survey of the various rune rows
  • Rune Ciphers
  • Runes for Divination
  • Stathagaldr
  • Galdr
  • Making Runes
  • And more
The Alviss Initiative Rune Study module draws upon information gleaned from decades of research and study and condenses it into clear, easy to follow lessons. The courses in this module will guide the learner through both a scholarly examination of Runes in history and practical interpretations for modern rune practice.

In this module:

  • Surveys of the Eddas
  • Teutonic Mythology
  • Saxo Grammaticus
  • Epics and Romances
  • Norse Pantheon
  •  The Places of Asgard
  • And more
The Alviss Initiative's Heathen Theology Module will explore the historical roots of modern Heathenry as interpreted from the Lore, Epics, legends, and Sagas which shape and guide the contemporary revivals of today. This module seeks to provide a foundational understanding of the lore and establish the scope and background of modern heathen Theology.

In this module:

  • The principles of ritual practice
  • Blot
  • Sumbel
  • Special rites: Wedding, Funeral+
  • Heathen tides
  • The role of clergy in Heathenry
  • And more
The Alviss Initiative's Heathen Clergy Module will provide guidance and insight for the training of those who officiate rituals and tend to the spiritual well-being of the community.  This module seeks to provide an aspiring Gothi or Gythia (Preist or Priestess) with the foundational tools to design, perform and officiate Heathen Rituals as part of a holistic clergy training program.

Key Features of this learning program

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Automated, self-grading quizzes allow learners  to instantly check their understanding of lessons.


Whether for personal knowledge, or clergy training, you pick your acheivement standards.

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Academic success aggregates a score which can be used to unlock content and rewards.